Sensing houses

The Sensing houses are designed for the Langager School in Aarhus, which is a school for children with autism and ADHD. The houses act as an outdoor alternative to the daily classrooms, while providing a framework for a place where a team can have a break from the outside world.

The houses consist of a large common room and annexes. The Sense house can be used all year round, as it is equipped with an integrated fireplace and a firewood niche.

The bonfire kitchen serves as the school’s outdoor gathering point with a focus on the students’ sense of taste, interpersonal skills and individual work. The kitchen also serves as the setting for events for teachers, students and parents. The bonfire kitchen is divided into two individual learning spaces and a central space, which is accessed via sliding doors.

The series is designed by archiwoo and SOES.

Sensing overdækning og huse, rendering, Langagerskolen Aarhus