About us …

Our cooperation with some of the leading architects in Denmark enables us to constantly provide professional and attractive solutions to public space. We call it ” designing living spaces” – which means creating solutions for environments where people spend their day. We try to do this with respect and consideration, as we listen to the needs that our customers may have.

Flexys Design was founded in 2006 in Aarhus and today we have a valuable working relationship with many Danish and foreign players.

Our product range includes benches, shelters, waste bins, water fountains, lighting and bollards and much more.

Frank Lenschow

Owner, sales
+45 5089 8360

Lars Ole Kruse

+45 7027 2929

Anne Kjølseth

Marketing, finance
+45 3042 8891

Karina Timea Szőcs

Web, marketing
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… and our values

We must continue to rejoice in being creative and constantly challenge the existing. We must always set ourselves higher goals in order to achieve continuous improvement and we must have the organizational ability to continue to change and evolve.

We are here to create value for our customers. We must be innovative and provide aesthetic and functional products.

Our work is based on some general values ​​that are our fundamental ideal and thus the heart of the company:


We only use the best materials and strive to deliver the same high quality every time and on time. We must strive to do things right and constantly seek perfection in everything we do.


Profit is essential for our existence. For Flexys Design profit shall be a means to achieve important overall objective and a means of self-funded growth. The goal is to constantly improve and develop in every respect, hereby creating growth as a natural consequence.


We believe in change, development and constant improvement in everything we deal with. We are not satisfied with the status-quo. We want to be constantly challenged both internally and by customers and partners.


Honesty and absolute integrity is a basic rule with us. We believe that it is important to understand our customers’ needs. In the event that we make mistakes, we admit it, correct it and learn from it.

The press

At Flexys Design we are pleased – and proud of – any good publicity in the media. We naturally want to share this with our customers and have therefore tried to gather the publications in the press relating to Flexys and / of our products.

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